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Suzhou ZhenTong Textile., Co.Ltd
Add: NO,112#, Building 3, jingpin District, Shengze,Wujiang. Suzhou. China.

Company profile

      Zhentong Textile is a modern textile service enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. The company has complete industrial supporting advantages and scale advantages, perfect technology, rigorous management, fast production, stable quality. At present, the company's products focus on two areas: first, women's imitation silk fabrics, focusing on providing light texture, soft feel, high-end quality imitation silk series products. Second, cold-proof leisure fabrics, focusing on providing excellent texture, windproof and fleece-proof, fashionable appearance of cold-proof leisure fabrics series products.
      We have a unique understanding and design ability of fashion fabrics, and have won the Outstanding Award of China's popular fabrics, product development Contribution Award, scientific and technological Innovation Award issued by the industry authorities for many times; We have controllable mass production system and strict traceable quality control system, and continue to provide customers with environmental protection, fashion, high-quality products; With excellent service and continuous innovation ability, to become your best partner!
      The company has been adhering to the "service oriented, quality as the center" business philosophy, and actively create the conditions for enterprise innovation and development, committed to the effective integration of service, quality, price and three resources. We always adhere to the customer's satisfaction as the standard, starting from zero, starting from small, concentrate on the production and trade of textile fabrics, and make it more and more professional and efficient. Because of our concentration and professionalism, our products have been widely recognized by domestic and foreign markets.
      We will continue to practice our business philosophy, relying on the united and vigorous enterprise team that we have cultivated and created over the years, to create more success for us and for all customers. We do not only products, more is the service!